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Edit pilot campaign data?
Is there a way to edit the .csg files? I'm trying to keep a list of kills, medals and promotions from Cardinal Spear all the way to the end of the FS2 campaign, to represent a long, glorious career. I know I'll lose some medals in the FS1 -> FS2 switch, but is keeping the rest possible?


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Re: Edit pilot campaign data?
You can edit the .csg file, but it's in a custom binary format. So you'd need:

1) a hex editor
2) to read FSO code to understand what the format of the file is
3) to have lots of patience for the trial & error required to edit the file correctly

FSO can write pilot files on json format, however is currently unable to read them back in that format. When this work is completed, editing pilot files will become a whole lot easier.
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