Author Topic: Unofficial RELEASE: Inferno R1 Patched  (Read 5201 times)

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Re: Unofficial RELEASE: Inferno R1 Patched
So... that thing I was worried would happen... happened.  After several plays on the Jan 4th build, it has suddenly refused to render ambient lighting.  I managed to get one play on the next build (Jan 8th) but it lost lighting the next time I loaded up the build.  The next one, Jan. 12th, gave me no lighting from the get-go, so I decided to load up the March 7th build again and noticed that I had a radar again.  It would seem however, that this is due to my adding radar icons for every ship.  It would appear that the default dots aren't rendered in this build.  I also noted that grid lines in the briefing screen are missing, as well as subsystem targeting brackets in the target window aren't displayed, as well as the bank-identifier lines in the loadout screen.  I also found that lighting is ONLY being rendered from suns.  A ship will appear completely lit on the sun-side, but completely dark on the other.  I'll try a few later builds and see if there are some other interesting differences.
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