Author Topic: Persistent "tear" in top 1/3rd of screen  (Read 375 times)

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Persistent "tear" in top 1/3rd of screen
I am using an NVIDIA Quadro 4000 with NVIDIA driver 384.59 and running fs2_open 3.8.0 on x64 FreeBSD 11.1, compiled with SDL2 2.0.7, lua 5.1.5, openal-soft 1.18.2

fs2 runs just fine however there is a persistent "tear" during gameplay in the top 1/3rd of the screen. It's like a fixed line that is most apparent while moving about from the regular viewpoint. No other graphical anomalies are present that I can tell. The display looks good otherwise, and perfect if you're not moving around. The "tear" is maybe only a few pixels "thick" and most visible when moving vertically. Everything above and below this distorted line/tear looks great.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Any ideas what would be causing it?




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Re: Persistent "tear" in top 1/3rd of screen
First off: Please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.

Second, just to check: This is something different than the tearing you'd get without VSYNC on, yes? Is it possible to get a screenshot?
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