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Current Game Discounts
RULES (Please?):

This is the thread for (substantial or unique) discounts only; post free games promotions in the other sticky.

  • Include the name of the game in question, and a link to the source (if possible)
  • If the discount expires, include the expiry date if known.
  • Strike out dead entries when you become aware of them, and a mod/admin will remove them.
  • Commentary is fine, but will be removed when the thread is periodically pruned.  Commentary of value (tech support, etc) will be split out.  Please try to keep unnecessary commentary out entirely - start a new discussion topic instead.

I'll prune the thread periodically, but other moderators are welcome to help out as well.  We're going to try to keep this to a single page topic.
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Re: Current Game Discounts
Holy cats this is a good bundle:

 Into The Breach
 Hollow Knight
 The Witness
 Tilt Brush
 Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
 World of Goo
And a bunch of other games that I didn't feel like taking the time to copy/paste
And a pile of manga, comics, and nonfiction books
And $30 is the threshold for all of it!
And 100% of it goes to charity!

Re: Current Game Discounts
Alien: Isolation 95% off on Steam for 17 hours


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Re: Current Game Discounts
Alan Wake is currently all of $1.49 on Steam and GOG.  Fantastic game.


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Re: Current Game Discounts has created a bundle for racial justice and equality. The bundle includes 745 games (including titles like Oxenfree and Night in the Woods) at a value of $3,500; the minimum required donation is $5.
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Re: Current Game Discounts
Just saw Crying Suns, it's a rogue-like, sort of like FTL or Into the Breach, with a surprising amount of detail (dare I say possibly better in some respects?) - it's on sale 30% off through July 9 (so $17.49), which is not that huge of a sale, but have a look at what you're getting:

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Re: Current Game Discounts
I own Crying Suns. I can confirm that it's pretty good. I'd say definitely not as good all-around as FTL.

But there's a free demo on Steam so give it a shot?

Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition on sale for 3 more hours on


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I own Crying Suns. I can confirm that it's pretty good. I'd say definitely not as good all-around as FTL.

But there's a free demo on Steam so give it a shot?

I got the free demo of Crying Suns from GOG a few months ago, as I was curious about the game. Haven't found time to install it yet though. I picked up FTL for free at least a year or two ago from GOG as well...and I haven't had time to install that yet either. :p
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