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Hi guys, I have a question.

I'm playing with FS Blue and recognised that I'm still just an Ensign with all the medals achieved and score over 20k. I checked (if it's still relevant)that I should be at the rank of Lieutenant. Before that I played through the FSPort and there I could achived higher ranks. How is it working, if lets say I use just one pilot for multiple campaigns and mods. Is the total score adds up or it is partitioned by campaigns/mods. And if I create some mission, does the points achieved there count in?


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BP sets promotion points levels really high so they don't distract during their campaigns; it can't exactly be made not to apply to FSBlue, so no promotions.
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I see, thank you!


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Maybe we could grant scripted promotions at points during the FS2 campaign so you're not an ensign in charge of a squadron?


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I'm interested too in knowing how promotions work across campaigns/save files. If you get promoted to Captain by points playing retail and then use that savefile for BP, does it retain that rank or demote you based on how many points you have?
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The points/kills get removed everytime you start a new campaign. Also, I tend to use a new pilot for every campaign/mod I play, since I ran into serious problems with somewhat corrupted pilot files in the past due to using the same pilot again and again (for example, pressing on "1" didn't worked for me anymore, what made some campaings rather unplayable).

It'd be good if the player got promoted every time Alpha 1 gets assigned to a new squadron, or at least every second time (think of getting promoted and being assigned to elite Blue Lions). On the other hand, the Score value you receive at the end would be overwritten- maybe add this at the end of the campaign while jumping out or getting fried in Apocalypse - "You archieved XXXXX points during the campaign"?

Long time ago, I was using the same pilot for pretty much every campaign, and grinded my way up to commander. I kinda miss that, I don't think it was all that immersion breaking to have the medals be persistent between campaigns, in a way it was like an achievement list. Oh well, medals are a pretty minor aspect of the game anyway ^^.

BP sets promotion points levels really high so they don't distract during their campaigns; it can't exactly be made not to apply to FSBlue, so no promotions.

Haha, I remember Petrarch promoting the player during a War in Heaven livestream. People were like "dammit Petrarch" :)


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The official campaigns are one of the few that is actually using Score for fulfilled mission objectives.

BP sets promotion points levels really high so they don't distract during their campaigns; it can't exactly be made not to apply to FSBlue, so no promotions.

Well... BP could simply use a 0 Score for every ship and mission objective by default in the tables and Blue Planet missions.

But because it is possible to give an individual score to any ship and objective in a mission, actually FSBlue could be the only campaign in the Mod where you are able to get promotion points in general.
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