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I have a problem with my saved game

I am really enjoying the babylon project right now, basically the only freespace 2 content I had not yet played.

However, I seem to have hit a snag. I am currently playing the second part of the raider wars campaign. I love it. However, I forgot to select the inferno build in the launcher because I am stupid like that. Everything worked fine untill now, I just sucessfully finished the mission where I have to save general Hague and his allies, but now the game crashes upon loading the new mission, probably because I am using the wrong build.

I can select teh inferno build but I have to make a new pilot file and restart the campaign. I do not want to replay the first 6 missions just to be able to finish it :( Internet says I can not transer the pilot file to the inferno build, and I tried but indeed failed to do so.

Can anyone help me with a save game or something so I can continue where  I left of using the inferno build (so at the start of mission 7)? That would be great =)

I am loving all the campaigns in TBP BTW! :)


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Re: I have a problem with my saved game
You mean the "Fortune Hunters" campaing? (That's the one where you have to help Hague)
Fortune Hunters (and many other campaings) needs Zathras mod as well, as they have many ships in the quests what are not in the original game release. That mission (and all other after that) has an "EAS Avenger" class ship, what comes with the mod. So if you get Zathras mod, the mission should start without problem.