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Not sure what is causing it, but I have been periodically crashing at a certain point in my game I was playing with this.  Here are some dump files.

did you by any chance build the gorgon squad on the titan destroyer, if so thats a known issue with the mod and will be fixed in the next upcoming update.

In fact I did, I re-queued it every single time because I really like gorgons.  Derp.  Thanks.


e: also have a save file

Got a couple crashes, first one I tried to build strikecraft in the colossus (but not any gorgons), second time I didn't try to build any at all.

Yeah i know from a fact that the gorgons indeed crash the game, i have fixed this in my dev build as well as a whole other amounts of crashes, ETA for the next build is unknown, i might just update the gorgons for the time being

Scratch that the gorgon is already fixed, looks like i will have to get this update out soon


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