Author Topic: What would a GTVA "Tenebra" campaign look like?  (Read 1541 times)

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What would a GTVA "Tenebra" campaign look like?
A while back I made a thread asking about what kind of missions there would be for the first two acts of WIH from the GTVA perspective.

If there ever were missions that took place during "Tenebra" from the POV of the GTVA, what do you think some of those would be like?


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Re: What would a GTVA "Tenebra" campaign look like?
Well, obviously I don't know what it would actually be like, but here's some ideas:

Mission 1: Convoy raid
In the wake of the victory at Saturn, Command needs some time to get logistics into shape for the next push. However, we can't afford to give the Feds any breathing room. That's why we're sending the new 404th Manes to raid a supply convoy, which we believe to be carrying fighter craft to resupply their Second Fleet. Gamma wing, you'll play a recon role here; patrol your assigned areas and waypoints, and call in Alpha and Beta for the strike when you confirm the convoy.

Outcome: Mission successful (possible twist: Actually a civilian convoy. Your superior officer is being court-martialled for accompanying war crimes, since they should reasonably have known.)

Mission 2: Investigate remains of depot (see: Nothing is true. Unfortunately, it would be hard to make this exciting since it's non-combat. Helps if it's a 1-2 minute mission.)
A Vasudan supply depot was attacked, probably by Gefs. The higher-ups are making noises about this being suspicious; since Captain Xang has investigative experience, the 404th Gamma wing is being sent in to have a look.

In mission: Gef remains found. (If the player scans the right debris) Some high-end Federation technology found, suspiciously new. They weren't supposed to be supplying Gefs so recently.

Outcome: Mission successful. Reminder that mission outcome is highly classified; do not discuss it among yourselves or with others.

Mission 3: Warship exposed.
A Federation frigate (Danube?) has maneuvered into a potentially vulnerable position. Gamma, play a recon role and confirm the target. Command will monitor your feed and decide whether to deploy a strike package. Alpha and Beta will be on standby; Alpha as heavy assault and Beta to cover Alpha.

In mission: It was a trap! Gamma was jumped by a wing of Uhlans and had to evade or fight. Frigate jumped out, but Gamma managed to track the jump and is ordered to follow.

After jump: Alpha and Beta called in. Gamma ordered to intercept some wings during the attack. Federation commits additional ships; 404th ordered to retreat.

Outcome: Significant opening due to Federation overcommitment. Unfortunately logistics haven't recovered enough to properly exploit this opening, but small fighter strikes are possible. Gamma Four (player) is assigned to Alpha and will fly heavy assault fighters for the next few missions.

Mission 4: Punitive action against Kostadin Cell
Command has found the Gef Kostadin Cell responsible for attacking our Vasudan allies. They're also up to something nasty; their destroyer, some cruisers and even their main habitat are missing from their customary location. Secondary habitats still surround the asteroid mining facility that forms their core. Destroy their defenses and the mining facility, but do not target civilian habitats. Ideally, we want to force them to return from whatever mischief they're perpetrating, so calculate jumps for emergency departure.

In mission: A large number of fighters and turret defenses. Possibly two ships (the smaller ones which may be in One Future depending on Nothing Is True). Still ultimately not much of a threat due to low tech. However, some turrets might be on the civilian habitats (AI pilot scripting may make this infeasible since you don't want the AI to target them except with anti-subsystem weapons). Maxims needed to damage the asteroid mine.

Outcome: Mission successful, but Kostadin primary assets did not return. Concerning...

Mission 5: Revenge against the Danube
Scramble! Fed fleet action against the Carthage! Details as you get to fighters and prepare to jump.
The Danube is in transit to join the attack. Jump to its staging point and take out its engines with Trebuchets. You'll have less than thirty seconds before it jumps.

In mission: Trebuchet strike successful (mission failed if it's not). Now use Maxim cannons to destroy the ship while evading fighters. Beta covers you.

Outcome: Danube destroyed. Well done, pilots. However, the Carthage has been lost to enemy action. Time for mourning, not celebration.