Author Topic: What did even Calder try to do? (Spoilers for WiH below)  (Read 3304 times)

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Re: What did even Calder try to do? (Spoilers for WiH below)
Meson fireships are in the cards.

And what would the effect of a meson bomb be on the newly opened jump node? Or does the meson bomb need to be set off within the jump corridor to have a destabilizing effect?


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Re: What did even Calder try to do? (Spoilers for WiH below)
It needs to go off mid jump to destroy the node.  They have been deployed in the Sol theatre just fine, if 'the blade itself' is to be considered canon.  I personally kindof wonder if there is some practical way to shock jump with them without sacrificing a drive accurate enough to land within 3km of the target.

ninjaedit: Regarding them being expensive next-gen tech, they have existed for quite a while now by the time of war in heaven.


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Re: What did even Calder try to do? (Spoilers for WiH below)
if 'the blade itself' is to be considered canon.
I've never heard anything to suggest that it is not.
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Re: What did even Calder try to do? (Spoilers for WiH below)
Meson fireships are in the cards.

Would be kinda cool if they had some kind of super-precise jump capable ship that just shock jumps into the perfect position, punts a meson bomb out the back, then fires up a small sprint drive to get out of the blast radius.

Huh, I thought mesons were supposed to be super expensive next gen tech, plus the tevs seem to prefer ships that can last as war assets on a strategic level. How would THOSE ****IN BOMBS work with existing GTVA fleet doctrine?
Well, the GTVA has I guess quite some numbers of obsolet Orions floating around.
Just keep them operational, fill them with meson bombs and keep them in reserve.
In case of 80 and more Juggernauts knock down your door, shove one of the fire ships down the next node et voila, one system traded for the survival of Vasudans and Terrans.
And in case of fire ships, well, judging that the Feds would not know about them, the Tevs could let them run the gauntlet and see how far they come before violently blowing up and obliterate and fair share of advanced Fed strikecraft.
I think it would be pretty scary if a pilot would not know if he faced a conventional warship or a flying bomb.
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Re: What did even Calder try to do? (Spoilers for WiH below)
Assuming the GTVA hasn't developed a more elegant meson bomb delivery solution that "stuff a bunch of them in an Orion" over the last 18 years.

Re: What did even Calder try to do? (Spoilers for WiH below)
And assuming that the Shivans did not cause further trouble after Capella because they were cut off, and not because they were done with whatever they wanted. I'm sure they would find a different way to access GTVA if they really wanted, just that GTVA could not send recon wings and doesn't know what they're up to/where they'll attack.