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Re: Possible new version scheme
That versioning scheme makes sense to me. I say go for it.
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Re: Possible new version scheme
In general, I like it. Its a bit of a big departure from the current "always use 3 as a major version" (which I always liked too, because its FreeSpace 3 right? ;)), but it makes it a lot clearer at how up to date everything is.

(What I like more is a regular stable release system)


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Re: Possible new version scheme
Since we're about to start a new release candidate phase, I wanted to make sure everyone understood the new version scheme (and could get in any objections or concerns before everything changed).

At present, we're planning on the next release being 19.0; the actual version number for RC1 will be 19.0.0-RC1, and then should nobody find any horrible bugs with that the actual release would be 19.0.1 (so the release version number tells you at a glance how many release candidates it took). Once 19.0 is finalized, nightly builds will start with 19.1.1 (or rather 19.1.1-2019-MM-DD, based on whenever it arrives), and then we'll eventually hit 19.2 (hopefully; the plan is for stable releases to be more common, like every few months). When 2020 rolls around, nightly builds will still be 19.X.Y until we have a 20.0 release.

So: Major version is two digits based on the year of the most recent stable release, minor version is even for stable and odd for nightlies with the first stable release in a year having a minor version of 0, and the build version increments with every release candidate or nightly. Extra data indicates release candidate status or nightly build date.

Hopefully, the new system conveys more information at a glance than "", although debug logs for nightly builds will still include the date and commit hash to make it easy to tell exactly which version of FSO is being run.

I know nobody raised any real objections after DahBlount announced, last December, that we'd definitely be changing version schemes, but now that it's been codified and examples written out and we're about to start using it, does anybody have any last-minute concerns/suggestions/whatever?
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Re: Possible new version scheme
Having seen it again just now, I like it even more.  :yes: