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As promised, here's the EffectsDB. This should contain pretty much every effect ever made by the HLP community since I started visiting a long time ago.

Background - Asteroids, Nebulas, Suns and other things. Everything 2D Background related that's not a planet.

Background - Planets. ~770 2D Planets, both fictional and real.

Background - Full Nebulae. For nebula missions.

Background - Skyboxes. 200+ Skyboxes. NOTE: Like the ShipsDB this is intended to work as a single package, i.e. there might be cross-references (if only 1 part of a Skybox - mostly MilkyWayX or StarField - was altered I did not include the whole 6 sides again). It's also very big, unzips to ~7.6GB. Here's some word to the cross-references:

Background - 3D Enviroments. Dozens of buildings and landscapes for athmospheric missions. Also includes updated asteroids, small ones for asteroid fields and large ones like those from BTRL.

Background - 3D Planets. Textures for 3D planets. Not really useful (unless you have a campaign where a lot of planet are blown up on-screen), but here it is.

Effects - Explosions. Everything for typical Death Roll ship explosion (53), Particle Smoke (17) and other stuff.

Effects - Shockwaves. 2D and 3D shockwaves.

Effects - Warpmaps. For everyone who wants to have customized warp-/subspace-effects.

Effects - Beams. Beamglows, textures (sometimes as complete set, sometimes animated), and particle explosions.

Effects - Weapons. Primary weapons effects. Laser bitmaps (both static and animated), glows, muzzle flashes (95) and particle spews.

Effects - Weapon Impacts. Primary and secondary weapon impacts.

Effects - Trails. For both ships and weapons as they probably can be used interchangeable.

Effects - Ship Engines. Sets of ship engines.

Interface - HUD Anims. Several hundred new HUD anims. Removed the Anime-themed ones from DE and WoD, I can upload them if requested.
And this huge file comes from IronBeer!

Interface - MainHalls. About 10 new MainHalls. All of the HQ ones with animated parts were done by MJN.

Models - Weapons. 100+ new weapon models (mostly for secondaries). NOTE: use at your own risk - some weapons might require effects from the rest of the EffectsDB, which might be there under different names.

Other - Squad Logos. 200+ new squad logos.

Admiral Nelson:
Thanks for all the work in putting these together!  I find this a great help.  Perhaps just split up the skyboxes??

Aye, thanks! :) Yeah I'd guess I have to split the skyboxes up, and the 3D enviroments as well... :sigh:

Did you try uploading the skybox archive on FSFiles? If that doesn't work either, either split it up or try another hoster.

I'll split the archives and upload them tommorow, I'd prefer MediaFire over SG for I can update the files myself in case something is wrong, but thanks for the advice. :)


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