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Custom Text Change/Removal
Hope this is the right place. Would somebody with powers please remove the "Supreme Admiral" text/title from under my username? :nervous: The original request to add it (circa 2004?) was a result of some annoying teenage megalomania combined with zero ability to read social cues. :nono:



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Re: Custom Text Change/Removal
I, uh, think every user can customize theirs now.

...of course I could be wrong because now I can't find where to do it.


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Re: Custom Text Change/Removal
Users can edit their personal text (which appears under your avatar if you have one). The custom title is assigned by the admins, usually for some memorable thing you did or said.
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Re: Custom Text Change/Removal
I meant the custom title that shows above the post count, not the user-editable one that shows below. No biggie, just thought I'd ask.


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Re: Custom Text Change/Removal
A few years ago (that long already?!) I offered to remove any custom title, no questions asked. As such, I have removed your custom title. (This is open to anyone else that doesn't like theirs anymore!)

The only reason I would give one out now would be if you asked for a name change, I'd make that custom title a reference to your old name so people still know who you are.