Author Topic: MVPs 3.8 double hud bug  (Read 576 times)

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MVPs 3.8 double hud bug
Hi there!

I just tried out Exile and I have noticed it has the double hud bug, which I'm assuming is to do with the new MVP 3.8. On the 3.8 release post it says:

'Add Axem's 2_HUD (This may cause a double HUD for some mods. You can fix it by including an empty mv_root-hdg.tbm in your mod's files.)'

being a bit of a noob when it comes to tinkering with FS, I'm not sure what this is or what I need to do. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Re: MVPs 3.8 double hud bug
Info (read the quoted stuff too):

Maybe inform the Exile team too...