Author Topic: Force feedback stopped working on my Sidewinder FFB 2  (Read 755 times)

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Force feedback stopped working on my Sidewinder FFB 2
Everything was working rather well while I was playing, and long story short, my PC froze due to a power surge.  Nothing was damaged, and the joystick's FFB still works in other games.  Now, instead of having a rather limp joystick with FFB, it is the opposite with no FFB at all.  Sometimes, there is a weird 'ghost' FFB present; not limited to FS Open.  I've troubleshooted the hell out of everything; reinstalling the full game, unplugging and plugging the controller, resetting my whole setup, ect.  I can't quite figure out what has happened.  If I had to guess, there's something that may have gotten changed in directinput options or something, but its only a hunch.  If that's the case, I have no idea how to make any changes when it comes to that.  I have searched the registry as well, looking for potential culprits to no avail.  I do use vJoy, as I have pedals and a throttle, however, even when I disable all of that functionality, I still don't have any FFB. 

Any assistance would he appreciated.  If you need any more information from me, I'd be happy to provide it.