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How to make ships?

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Iain Baker:
Total N00B question I know, but what software packages do people use to create the ship models?

If there is a variety of them, can anyone recommend a noob-friendly simple one?

I'm not sure if I would ever get around to actually implementing it into anything, but I would like to create the model to see what it would look like. I have a clear vision of it in my MK 1 noggin', but my attempts at hand drawing it were hamstrung by my complete lack of drawing skills  :lol:

Cheers guys :-)

You might want to check the Nodding Tutorials subboard, although I don't know how complete the guides still are after several years.

Blender! Use Blender please! It is so easy to convert from Blender to FreeSpace.

Blender itself is not easy to use... It's a bit like flying a plane, but you get used to it.

Blender is one of the best options, is totally free and powerful.

As well you can use 3Ds Max, then convert to FSO, is easy just using a free plugin. ( Open COLLADA converter ), If i´m not wrong up to MAX 2013, i'm using it.
You can open DAE files with PCS2, then convert to POF ( FSO format )

I also use Blender to a point. But if you have ZERO experience in any 3D design, then you could also consider WINGS3D which I use to design my ships. Easy to convert and use in Blender as well.


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