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Re: Custom Wingmen HUD Gauge v2.2
Sweet, works perfectly.

I kinda wish there was a way to fold nifty scripts like this into a knossos download.  It'd certainly be easier for users to keep updated and easier for users to find (I bet a lot of people haven't started using this just because it's in the "scripting releases" forum and scripting = scary).

Great, glad to hear it! That's a good idea! Though I think the way that Knossos works might make it difficult because Knossos can't really overlap mods/run more then one mod together, and this script would ideally be used with many mods at once. Spoon is using the script in Wings of Dawn, so at least people see it there!  :)
This functionality is eventually supposed to exist in the form of "extension" mods, it just hasn't been implemented yet (AFAIK).

Gothca. Maybe a Knossos mod with finished community scripts might be worthwhile in the meantime, though I am not sure who else might be interested.


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Re: Custom Wingmen HUD Gauge v2.5
New update V2.3-2.7!

This version provides a new, optional grid view. It also stops the gauge from showing if the player disables the wingmen gauge in the HUD configuration window. The update also provides proper scaling at low resolutions (<1024x768) and allows modders to specify custom fonts and works more like the retail gauge because it won't appear if the player all alone in the mission.

It also, allows modders to more easily specify the position of the gauge easily. To change position of the gauge set values of origin and offset, similar to hud_gaugles.tbl. For example, CustomWingGauge.origin = {x=0.85, y=0.2} and CustomWingGauge.offset = {x=0, y=0}. If you want to use RTT to a cockpit display you can also set CustomWingGauge.RTT = {use=true, gauge_name="Wingmen_Custom_RTT}. If using the RTT feature, the script will use RTT in internal view then switch to screen render for external view. Also, for RTT to work be sure to also make a '+Scripted Gauge:' entry in hud_gauges.tbl, and the 'gauge_name' should equal the 'Name' of the '+Scripted Gauge' in the 'hud_gauges.tbl'.

Download: Custom Wingmen Script V2.7 Script
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