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If I understand correctly, between The Great War and the Second Shivan Incursion the Vasudans found it difficult to refit older warships with new beam technology. So they often built entirely new designs. The opposite was true for the Terrans, who were generally successful in retrofitting beams and other newer systems on older ship classes. Between the Capella and the war with the UEF, it was the opposite. Terrans built new classes of warships to take advantage of new meson technologies, while the Vasudans were mostly able to take advantage of their powerful and modular reactor designs to refit existing classes to the modern standard. Looking through the wiki, there are very few references to Vasudan capital ships outside the Capella-era Hatshepsut, Sobek, and Mentu classes.

But there are a few fleeting references to the names of some new fighter classes. In particular, the Serekh Taa space dominance fighter, the Maa-kheru siege fighter, and the Abatos (unknown type). Is there any other information about them?

It looks like there are a few references for new Vasudan capital ship designs.

Akhenaten cruiser
Aaru heavy corvette
iKhemu-Sek (heavy combatant)

General Battuta:
Exactly what the next-gen Zods could do would depend on the design we ended up finding fun, but it would probably be all about player power and getting rid of gameplay annoyances. Very fast resupply, onboard self-repair and self-regen, maybe some kind of 'supermaneuverability' (glide, blink, I dunno). Maybe some Gundam bull**** like armed drones you could deploy and recall. Systems that rewarded getting in close and mixing it up, Doom 4 style — man, a ship that rewarded ramming would be SO cool.

If the Terran GTVA's 'color pie' (their slice of gameplay mechanics, their design theme) is TAG, drones, small fighters and beam-armed warships, and the UEF's color pie is superfighters, missiles, and projectile weapons, then the Vasudan color pie would need to bring something new. A big theme was/is going to be the divide between Imperial Vasudan Navy line units and the 'royal guard' Medjai.

Fighter models would probably come from Inferno/Earth Defense.

There would also definitely be next-gen Zod capships. We talked about using Esarai's ships if we didn't find anything better.


--- Quote from: General Battuta on October 16, 2018, 03:47:19 pm ---man, a ship that rewarded ramming would be SO cool.

--- End quote ---

I'll see your beam-heavy alpha strike, and raise you a swarm of Hiigaran salvage corvettes.

might any mechanic similar to I-war's aggressor shield be doable in FS2? That could introduce the idea of ramming...


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