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"Homeless" begs for HLP hospitality - Freelancer!
Hello dear HLP community,

my name is RizZen, i'm a hobbie-game-modder from good old Germany. I'm 30+ years old and do game modding projects from my early youth on.

The list of games i took modwork in is endless. My last fun project was MechCommander 1! - some may already know me. If not - i published my MC-work here:

The MechCommander project was one of the biggest game modifications i have ever done. I would like to say that i reinvented it from scratch - just in order to make the game more enjoyable - a better experience - just to enrich people's lifes. NOT - to please my wallet. When you would like to know more about my modding-intentions or MechCommander work you may have interest in that:

Well that's past. Somehow i lost fun in this project and stopped it. Due to the fact, that NoGuts-NoGalaxy is a pure BattleTech site i see no future there for my next project.

The next project will be "Freelancer"!

So what is Freelancer?

Freelancer was released by Microsoft in the early 21st century. In spite of it's age - it's well aged to me. What i really like is that this game STILL has an active player community... - and some active multiplayer game servers are left, too. My "project" will be to establish a new 24/7 gameserver with "vanilla" oriented content IN the game. Reason is: I have fun doing so.

That finally let me come to my desire. I would like to have a seperated forum section for Freelancer - related content. I like to bring order into chaos - working on big projects - and then enjoying them myself or with others.

RizZen, over and out!
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It has become appalingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

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Re: "Homeless" begs for HLP hospitality - Freelancer!
Have you tried ModDB?  Pretty sure there's a huge freelancer section rather than trying to establish one here?
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Re: "Homeless" begs for HLP hospitality - Freelancer!
AFAIK HLP had a FL section way in the past.

Re: "Homeless" begs for HLP hospitality - Freelancer!
What i like on Hard Light Productions is your forum php. moddb is not my first choice. I'd like to have it here and fill it with sorted information and new content the next years...
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It has become appalingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

Albert Einstein

Re: "Homeless" begs for HLP hospitality - Freelancer!
If you're already applying for hosting you know that HLP stands for Hard Light Productions and not Hardline Productions. :p

Re: "Homeless" begs for HLP hospitality - Freelancer!
I typed with my mobile... - on the way... sry.  :lol:

Okay - i see there are (again - and again - after four years active modding and publicity all over the place) people who think: RizZen? He wanna mod Freelancer? He's a dayfly!


That already happened!

This postings where made in the early days of 2017.

See this: NoGutsNoGalaxy - RizZen's MechCommander Reinvention!

I bet wolfman-x was angry with himself the years after  :D. But i honored him and magic by implementing both into my Fullversion. It was downloaded +15.000 times (all versions together) when i left NGNG.

Honestly the thread title lies. Maybe i chose the wrong one and you are now thinking you are in a position compared to me - but you ain't! I elected YOU! I want to GIVE something BACK! MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours would be here, too, today - when this little incedent wouldn't happen.

I already have STARTED modding Freelancer and i have an early Fullversion with Multi-Player feature for MMORPG server play and awesome PvP. And there will be much more. Harder NPCs, better Artificial Intelligence... Maybe this changes your opinion a bit:

Version 0.1
General Changes:
- took a rare "vanilla game folder"
- updatet basic Freelancer with official v1.1 Server Update
- implemented FL Hook v2.0.0 with cloak plugin
- added High Resolution functions & basic HC-tech layout
- updatet cameras.ini
- made bases destroyable by 1,5mio. hitpoints (HC-Server standard Value)
- fixed docking_spheres in order to make bigger ships usable
- implemented Mooring_Fixtures
- jumpgates, docking rings, stations are destroyable now
- updatet effects.ini (DATA\INTERFACE\...) with HC values
- updatet effects_explosion.ini (DATA\INTERFACE\...) with HC values
- added effects_playtrail.ini
- updatet explosions_ale.ini (DATA\INTERFACE\...)
Ships / shipping:
- added HC Civilian Transport (Medium Transport)
- implemented new Docking system
- big ships CAN land on many places now
- implemented adoxa's moor.dll into mod files
- speed-docking is now available to transports, too, when they press F3 on a close distance to a mooring fixture - f.e.
- updated the general docking system for technical reasons (when implementing bigger / capital ships later)
- added HC CSV - Transport class ship
- corrected Transport / Armored Transport / CSV - Armor Scales for NPC's
- added shipdealer to base freeport 1
- enhanced dragon class (more attractive to use i guess)
- HC Dragon update
- HC Valkyre update
- added HC Blood Dragon fighter
- due to docking problems with armored transport i added the ability to dock on mooring points, too
- corrected Dragon / BD Armorscales for NPC's
- upgraded Dragon fighter
- upgraded Rheinland Valkyre fighter
- updatet fuse.ini (effects)
- updatet fuse_or_osiris.ini
- updatet fuse_transport.ini
- added flak & battlehship explosions (from HC mod)
- updatet ID's Names and Infocards (english only - sry)
- extended existent databases and tables for future modding
- implemented Adoxa's healing.dll plugin for Repair / Mining turrets
- implemented Adoxa's engclass.dll (hopefully fixes "Engine can't be sold" issue
- implemented Adoxa's FixedMounts.dll plugin
- implemented Mining Turret
- implemented Nomad Torpedo

System changes:

- added two tradelanes to Hamburg system with
-    *Engine Shop (HC Version)
        ~ Standard: yellow/white
         ~ Armored Transport: yellow/purple-booster
         ~ Bretonia Freighter blue/purple
         ~ opt. Bretonia fighter blue/purple
         ~ Rheinland Freighter green dusty
         ~ opt. Rheinland Fighter green dusty
         ~ Liberty Freighter standard white rings
         ~ opt. Liberty Fighter standard white rings
         ~ Hispania Freighter red/orange/purple
         ~ opt. Hispania Fighter red/orange/purple
         ~ Kusari Freighter white/yellow/orange flames
         ~ opt. Kusari Fighter white/yellow/orange flames
         ~ Nomadhunter Fighter purple/blue cloudy
- *Hamburg City Liner
        *modified Crusader (Bomber)
        *modified Dragon (Fighter)
        *Liberty Enforcer (HC Version - Heavy Fighter)
- Planet Hanover Docking Ring
     *Mining Blaster (Lvl.6) implemented!
  *Hamburg City - Hamburg Diamond Mining fields
  fixed general *new weapon problems* with overwridden weapons - created unique ones by leaving
  vanilla values untouched

New Tokio
- added Niobium mining zone tadelane to New Tokio system with
     *Planet Izu Docking ring
        *implemented Mining Blaster Turret (Lvl.6)
     *Hamburg City - Hamburg Niobium Mining Fields

New Berlin
- added Hidden Force Base
   * Cloaking Erlking Fighter
   * Cloaking Valkyre Fighter
   * Cloaking Humpback Freighter
 implemented Hidden Force Base Nebula

Unknown Gamma
- added Farway Base
   * with VIP sell point
- expanded Planet Gammu
   * Cloaking Anubis Fighter
- added Nomad Gate to future unknown systems
- added Order equipment
- added order faction / No-faction
- prepared system for harder nomad battles - better npc a.i.

All above is finished!
Below must be done:

New Berlin
- adding "Hidden Force Base" - asteroidfield zone nebular

HC "Unknown Systems"
   - HC "Seth"
   - HC "Train"
   - HC Battleshup "Osiris"-class


HC faction NPC forces needs to be finally implemented later! There seems actually to be a simple
loadout problem with the code iam using. I will figure it out. Same counts for all other system
updates. A.I. Updates will follow - enhancing NPC force to become more competitive for long time


V0.1 was the beginning. What i have to do now is to introduce all the other features that attracted
multiplayers for decades.
I will introduce MORE ships, mining zones, stations, systems, planets, ... enlarging the existent
universe orientated in a vanilla manner. I don't want to change the physical aspects for example.
The fighting and PvP system where close to be perfect and they only need fine adjustment. But
there will come up some new weapons and more possibilities to individualize the personal ship
by adding new engines (colors) - the Hamburg City Liner and later on ships with cloaking functions
or the legendary HC Seth Lvl.10 fighter - which is awesome!

This is my current mod development history for my Freelancer built. If you have doubts on my credentials... - ask Wolfman-X or magic - or take a look at user's feedback to me!

RizZen's MechCommander feedback (the most recent)

Edit by RizZ: And don't tell me that i'm arrogant! I know i am!  ;)
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It has become appalingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

Albert Einstein