Author Topic: I bought a 3d printer!  (Read 3967 times)

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I bought a 3d printer!
So I printed one of my models. It now sits on my desk at work , distracting me.

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Re: I bought a 3d printer!

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them

Re: I bought a 3d printer!
bobbtmann, is that a traditional FDM style 3D printer? I've got a single extruder Prusa printer that I'd like to use to produce some FS2 models. However, given some of the geometry of the ships, I expect my printer will have trouble. That model of yours looks pretty good considering (like the paint too).