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Ship models disappearing when hyperspacing
Hello I really could use some help.

I have installed Freespace 2 GOG version and Blue Planet via Knossos app.
I've decided to give rebalanced FS2 campaign a try and every time I see hyperspacing ship - doesn't matter if it's mine or somebody else's - it's 3D model disappears. Also 3D weapon models in equipment selection menu are blank, they are not loading.
Same problem occurs in my Blue Planet campaign - it's especially visible in AoA intro when capital ships are hyperspacing. Models just disappear.

I've opened vanilla FS2 with MediaVPS and everything is working fine, 3D models are there.
I just have a problem with Blue Planet.

Is there any way to fix it? When I've played Blue Planet about a year ago everything was working fine.
This is the first time I see this problem. Should I simply reinstall Blue Planet completely or is there some workaround?

Any help would be really appreciated :)


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Re: Ship models disappearing when hyperspacing
These might be multiple problems ... Knossos should give you a clean installation, so please follow the instructions from the following topic to give everyone more information to work with:,56279.msg1180359.html#msg1180359
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Re: Ship models disappearing when hyperspacing
I just did clean reinstall of the FS2 and fresh download of Blue Planet Complete. No other mods installed.

Launched the mod, same bug with 'invisible' ship models occured.
Ran Debug, here's the link:

Like I said - ship models disappear the moment they enter hyperspace. Same thing in FS2 Blue.
But vanilla FS2 with MediaVPS only work just fine, all 3D models are visible.

Maybe there's some hidden 'cache' folder in Win7 x64 for Freespace that creates conflicts with newer installation?
I didn't reinstall my system since my last Blue Planet playthrough one year ago.


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Re: Ship models disappearing when hyperspacing
Forgive me this bump, but I did clean FS2 reinstall again. This time I've deleted every possible file related to Freespace on my PC. Cleaned regedit too from everything Freespace related.

Then I've installed FS2 GOG version and then Knossos.
Launched Knossos, app configured itself and activated FSO.
Ran vanilla FS2 - there were no problems with 3D models, everything was working fine.

Then I've downloaded Blue Planet Complete - every single file one by one.
Ran the game, launched AoA intro... and there was this problem again. Hyperspacing ships went invisible.
Ran Freespace 2 Blue, went to ship and equipment menu - ship and weapon models weren't loading.

I've launched new debug, 'Continued' all pop-ups and ran AoA intro again.
Here's latest log:

I have no clue what is going on, I've never encountered such problem before with previous FS2 installations and mods...

Out of curiosity I've installed some other mods via Knossos, like From the Ashes, to see if this is Freespace 2 related problem or else.
There were no disappearing models in other mods. It happens only in Blue Planet.
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Re: Ship models disappearing when hyperspacing
Maybe try nigthly build?
Go to Knossos' settings page (cogwheel icon), set your preferred stability to "Nightlies", go to your Home tab, update FSO and try launching a mod.


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Re: Ship models disappearing when hyperspacing
Huh. I don’t think BP has changed in a while, so this must be a build issue...

Can you post a debug log?


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Re: Ship models disappearing when hyperspacing
Um. I posted logs already in this topic, twice :)
At least I think I posted correct links.

BUT... I think my problem fixed itself... somehow.

Like I said - I tried installing other mods to see if this is main game issue or just mod issue.
Every other mod I've checked had no problems with 3D models, everything was loading like expected.

Today I've launched BP mod again... and this time everything was in it's place.
All models were there, there were no glitches, everything nice and dandy.

I have no idea how it happened but... oh well, at least it's working now.
Maybe some other mod updated game assets or something, I dunno.

Anyway thank you guys, I hope I didn't waste lot of your time :)