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Would you watch FreeSpace or HLP videos on YouTube?

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Just brainstorming for now, but maybe this could inspire certain members of the community.  Would you be interested in watching videos produced on a semi-regular basis?  We already have the MediaVPs comparison video, but there are other things we as a community could produce, such as:

[*]Let's Play videos of various campaigns
[*]FREDding tutorials
[*]Modding tutorials
[*]Livestreaming while playing
[*]Livestreaming while FREDding
[*]Livestreaming while modding
[*]Interviews of community members
[*]Mod spotlights
[*]Newsletters in video form

And if you would watch these sorts of videos, how long should they be?

Now that I've got a better comp, I might have the wherewithal to run OBS and do some FRED stream/tutorial suchlike. Or a complete playthrough of Lost #selfpromotion  :lol:

EDIT: Except that now as I think of it whenever I've tried to do youtube commentary I've always dropped it because my voice sounds like rubbish. No one's gonna want to listen to my speech impediment. Sounds like speaking through a slushie.  :p

Let's Play series of campaigns is a very good consideration, since this community should have something to appeal to a player searching for good stuff, and what's the better way than through showing exactly how the game works with all the best campaigns, graphics and sweet sweet voice acting? :P Of course such videos could also double as playthrough tips for harder segments, like that one Her Finest Hour playthrough uploaded by MatthTheGeek, which was just perfect. Video length? One video per mission, I guess...

Tutorials are always useful, especially when there are some issues with Wiki documentations right now...

Live streams are also fun. After joining up with ScholarsPlay for that one Derelict stream, I'd happily join some more :P.

I'm not sure about interviews with community (and stuff like developer commentary) but seems like Axem has made a couple newsletter-ish videos back in the day and IMO they were a very good piece of content. Short and intense showoff of what's the best.

Mod spotlights? Maybe a couple people taking a campaign and discussing its aspects in a short video?

FRED tutorials would be awesome on youtube. On a side note, I'd positively love it if people gave some love to less covered VA campaigns (like scroll, memories of the great war, OP Saviour, fall of EP, etc...).

Black Wolf:
Have actually been looking for good new FS content the last few days; apart from Firesteel's videos, there doesn't seem to be much that I hadn't seen already. Would watch it for sure if there was new content.


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