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Ours was the first country in the world to make a national holiday to give thanks. -Linus, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Hey all, Happy Thanksgiving!

If anyone wants to share something they're really thankful for, do so here! A little joy shared around grows exponentially.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for HLP, the opportunity of FreeSpace and the SCP as a creative and constructive opportunity, and relationships with and feedback from fellow forum members.

I am thankful for ridiculously timely and accurate help from HLP members.  :D  People like to support other people's FREDing hobby, and that's great!

Also just plain thankful for my family. Thankful too for doctors who have taken pretty good care of me through multiple surgeries (third one this year coming up! LOL)  :lol:

Happy Thanksgiving to all you strange people that celebrate it in November, rather than in the more appropriate October, when the weather is better.  The indigenous population had it right  :D

Aha, touche. But did the Indigenous population have BLACK FRIDAY? ;7 :lol:

As consumerist as it seems, indeed I am thankful for Black Friday.  :) 

As I think of it, I'm thankful for my office job. Amazing co-workers who back eachother up (and aren't afraid to give challenging life advice lol!), and a wonderful boss who takes her worker's welfare seriously.


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