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AeroStar Firefly Mark I



After wasting way too much time on texturing, I finished this thing after hastily finishing the other stuff like PCS2 conversion and table file writing (I think there's still an entry that gives it an overclock speed of 750)

I'll finetune and generally refine everything about the ship tomorrow but for now, I'm simply glad I finally got it into working condition.

A little info about the ship:

AeroStar Systems is one of the two leading spacecraft designers of Terran space, the other being the Fairway Corporation. After Fairway's new ship design, the LC-40 Starfury, became the top dog of starfighters, AeroStar needed to come up with a way of beating their competitors.

The main drawback of the Starfury is the high cost and frequent maintenance. So AeroStar developed a new fighter that was reliable, durable and cheap. And so, the Firefly was born. While it doesn't have the bells and whistles or the top speed of a Starfury, many smaller militaries prefer buying Fireflies due to the cheap cost and low maintenance.

Gun Banks: 2 (4 mounts)
Missile Banks: 1

Cool looking forward to it!

Can it beat a valk in a straight line tho?  :D

The image is broken for me.

Should be working now.


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