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For your consideration, I've taken an old and moldy mod, dusted it off, and given it some new toys and friends to play with them.

GTB Surt by Aldo

* Updated high-poly mesh with cockpit
* New UVs to consolidate textures into one map
* Shine and normal maps
GTB Hera by the Earth Defense team

* Minor tweaks to use the new Railgun system
GVB Imset by Woomeister

* Completely new mesh and textures
GVB Menhit by Sesquipedalian

* Completely new mesh and textures
SB Taurvi by the MediaVPs team

* Modified mesh to use the new Railgun system
Railguns by Galemp

* New models and interface art
* Four types: Sickle, Scimitar, Scythe, and Shivan
Also comes with a demo mission in the tech room.


Happy Christmas!

Known issues:

* AI is really bad at using Railguns effectively. Maybe this is addressed in one of the AIs floating around here.
* Weapon-select interface art isn't generated automatically unless the command line flag is on. Then you can't see my spiffy selection icons.
* External models for secondary weapons don't spin like primary models do, and vanish when you're out of ammo.
* External models don't show up in the tech room.
Maybe this package will inspire a coder to address these.

Oh that's a sweet surprise! Along with the other neat things, just today I took a look at the old Surt for the first time after several months and thought "it'd be awesome if somebody could make a version with a couple more polies" - and a couple hours later I already got one. :D

--- Quote from: Galemp on December 22, 2018, 02:12:38 pm ---Happy Christmas!

--- End quote ---

Happy Christmas you too! :)
(Even though it's still 2 days)

Updated Surt is indeed a welcome surprise. After release of Hera, I throught this thing will forever be forgotten and rest on the graveyard of old and abandoned models. Awesome release :yes: !

Does that mean Inferno is going to straighten out their nomenclature?


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