Author Topic: Missing content: MCShell - debugger & edit tool  (Read 534 times)

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Missing content: MCShell - debugger & edit tool
Missing content: MCShell - debugger & edit tool

Most wanted!!!

[justify]Merry X-Mas dear BattleTech fans,[/justify]

[justify]like many may noticed i´m modding MCG for two years now. All what i have done i did by manually editing/hex-editing/creating/updating the core game files. I have although many useful tools that were published here on NGNG and other places (cMunsta- & Tigress-tools). But there is one file i am really missing. It is the MCShell debugger for MC1/MCG - it would be a nice (after) christmas present when i could get it from somewhere.[/justify]

Those are the files i am searching for:

[[Game Root Dir]]
-- [[Data]]
-- [[mcshell]]
-- -- mcshell.dll
-- -- mcshell.exe
-- -- mcshell.ini
-- ....


; Относительный путь к установленной игре Mech Commander

; Имя исполняемого файла в директории $mcdirpath$, для запуска игры.

I´m referring to those threads (all download links are broken - it´s from 2013/2014):

Some screenshots i found showing the missing tool im searching for:

I would appreciate any help & wish you a happy new year & satisfying holidays. So when only one of you all has one or several of those files left on his HDD you can make RizZen very happy!

Regards RizZ

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