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I am still working on MCO since its last release (628 ). It is now at 719.

There will be no new releases because I plan to make new Career mode:
New main menu with start new career and continue career buttons.
New Commander screen (base of operations) with most of the logistics buttons (mechlab, mech shop, weapons shop, pilot hire and player pilots screen...)

Campaigns will be shorter, not like at present (eg. Carver V will make 3 campaigns with different timelines (starting month and year; Steiner campaign MM, YYYY; Liao MM+8 months, YYYY, Davion MM+8+8 months); Each of them is 8 missions long).
All 3 can be selected in campaign selector and if the player dont like liao campaign he can skip it and play some other in that period of time.
Each campaign will have its starting month and year and will appear in the campaign selector 6-8 months before its starting date.
Each mission has 1 month duration.
There will be one mission campaigns - shortest.

Player can choose which campaign to play and which not and continue through timeline and make his own combinations of those mini campaigns.
Once the player except the campaign there will be no purchasing, no mechlab, just repairs until the end of that campaign.
After the campaign finish, player is back to commanders screen.

I plan to make in mission shops and repair and salvage yards where player can trade and pay for mech mods.
Mech salvage with salvage craft will only be possible if the mechs head is not destroyed and it has one leg (if both legs are destroyed it can not be salvaged).
Will make a salvage vehicle expensive to buy and maintain but can salvage downed mechs and add it to players inventory or transport it to in-mission mech yard to be repaired and used in the mission.
Player will carry all his money to the mission and back (no more c-bill and resource points, they are the same).
Possibly add some more RPG elements to the pilots.

Here is the list of changes since then (finished and in 719):

Many unused variables removed from warriors object.
Unused old specialty skills variables removed.
Rookie.tga added to movies.
Camera saved in quicksave. Quickload can load saved cam position.
Forced resolutions changed - 1600x900 added.
Union flyer icon added. Camera Drone flyer added.
Component salvage box can show a list of salvaged components.
Salvage box moved right... New icon for salvage box button.
New repair status bar.
Some resource buildings had canRefit set to true - fixed.
Pilot name entries are no longer needed. New Pilots from MW4 - Aisa and Angel.

Pilot names render for players mechs fix. New pilots from MW4 - Beowulf, Bulldog, Bullseye, Mags, Mustang, Rubius,
Rufus, Shredder and Spirit

NEW ABL command (movers only):
setnewpilotname(PartID, "PilotName");

PartID - part id for mover (getunitmates(squadID)) from squad ID.
"PilotName" = "New text pilot name"
Effect: Display "PilotName" text as Pilot name for enemy unit in mission. Can be any name for enemies. If that unit
should be added to players roster must be existing pilot or its an error.

Pilots do not need entries in mc2res.dll.

New pilots from MW4 - Aligator (Gator), BlackJack, Blazer (Blaze), Buzz, Goat, Goof, Hannibal, Scrapper.
Autohammer provided pics and sounds from MW4, (sounds needed to be converted and icons corrected).

Repair vehicles have second bar for refit points. Turret armor is no longer used for refit points.

Minelayer has second bar for minelayer points. Can be rearmed in vehicle repair bay.

Quckload button added to main menu - load in mission quicksave from the main menu. Dummy mission needed - Qload (must be distributed with the release).

Resolution limit is 1920x1200.

Weapon bolts and missiles no longer go through terrain and buildings...
Weapon bolts and missiles can damage obstacles...

Weapon shots will not go through terrain or buildings any more. If the weapon shot hits anything before it reach its target it will hit that object instead. Found an error in design - some shots go through walls and buildings...
Beam weapons still unresolved.

Turrets animations for pop-up turrets fix. Hack for pop-up turrets and the cases when weapon node is inside the mesh.

Fix for trees in weaponshot.

Mobile arty icon changed from fixed to mobile.

Loading screen static image added: mcl_loading_screen.tga

Some obsolete code parts removed from mechcmd2.cpp

Some variable values for turret weapon shot increased.

Unused drop weight is auto-converted to money at mission start.

Non mandatory missions are now white in mission selection screen.

Weapon bolt can destroy the trees.

Merkmovemap for destroyed buildings fix.

New "Repair all Mechs" Button in mechbay.

Kurita heavy, light and med walls changed for new passability calc (per mesh).
Editor ver 1.022 - passability map calc for destroyed buildings changed.

Repair vehicles are captureable and if captured added to players control. Disabled mech with both legs destroyed cannot be salvaged.

New button - recharge repair bay.
MediumWallDam (set1), LtWallDam (set1), D_mediumWallDam, D_lightWallDam D_HeavyWallDam, D_Heavy-Medium-Light_WallDiagDam models changed.

Change in building markMoveMapFromShape - find only actual cells and store one cell only once with highest vertex Z on this cell.
previous metod was not good because it will write in the same cell values for every vertex and if the last vertex has least z the cell will be passable even if it is not. Editor recompiled for this.

Mech and Component Purchase fix.
New ABL Command:
Effect: Return number of units on the players roster.

New cursor for recharge mechbay. New recharge and weapons salvage buttons art.

Changed Liao Heavy, Med and Light Dam walls for new passability.

Changed Liao Diagonal Heavy, Med and Light Dam walls for new passability.
Changed Steiner Heavy, HeavyDiag, LightWall, LightWallDiag, MediumWall, MediumWallDiag walls for new passability.
S_wall and S_walldam  texture changed. HeavyWal2Dam changed. Texture for steiner med and heavy walls changed.

Resource vehicle under player control (in roster) can be used to take resources from resource buildings and for RepairBay recharging.
 New tactical order: TACTICAL_ORDER_RECHARGE. New button recharge for resource vehicle (like repair truck)

NEW ABL command
addresourcepointstovehicle (PartID, NumRPs)

PartID - number from the editor for buildings, part id for mover (getunitmates(squadID)) from squad ID.
NumRPs - number of resource points (can be +  or -).

Recharge/NoRecharge cursor art for new cursor. RPs for buildings are displayed below the building name.

Vehicles object files changed - Alacorn, Shreck, Bulldog, Legion. New heavy vehicle MRL (Mobile Rocket Launcher).

New icon for MRL by Aetrion

Refit truck type capturing and adding to players roster fixed.
New mech - Viking
New vehicle - HGT (Heavy Gauss Tank).

Niw icons for Viking and HGT by Aetrion.

New mech: Omega - 150t - 12 wepon nodes.

Omega footprint - feet0001.tga in pos 58,59 and change in crater.cpp. NEW Omega icon by Aetrion.

New mech Kraken - 10 weapon nodes.

SensorHelpText is using moverName instead from reading from mc2res.dll.
Kraken icon by Aetrion.

FixedResourcePoints removed, currentRPs instead.
Force group colors changed. Kills number changed to white.
Missiongui - begin and update vtol functions fixes.

New mech Osiris.
New mech Supernova - 12 weapon nodes.
New mech icons for Osiris and Supernova by Aetrion.

New option in options gameplay - Show ALL Movers - all movers are visible.

Calc of building passability map when buiding destroyed. If destroyed building cell has one vertex above terrain elevation
plus some value the cell is not passable.

Mech fall after jump fix.

Mech purchase screen bug fix - (Buy a mech. Exit the mech shop. Return to the mech shop. Press the buy button. Mech in inventory is duplicated.)

New button in vehicle tab Havy Repair truck (12000). For campaign if there is no available pilot then "NO PILOT" is displayed instead of cost.

Variables for support added to logisticsData class. It will be moved from mission to logistics. RPs and Cbills are now
in one variable resourcePoints from logisticsData. Buttons and text for RP in mechbay are obsolete and will be removed.
Save changed to save resourcePoints variable.
MessageBox at the and of mission that shows unspent RPs and addition of those to cbills removed.

Bugfix in pilot purchase screen - not showing correct pilot picture.
Bugfix in mission - on mission fail return to RPs from the start of the mission.

Pilot salaries doubled, Mech maintenance raised from 1% to 3%.
Animation on logistics dialogs removed.

New support options screen for support options management. If the player has enough money then he can buy support options  for the mission. E.g. - once both repair truck will be there for deployment as long as it is not destroyed in mission.
Each purchase or in mission capture of the repair truck will increase number of available repair trucks.
If one repair truck is destroyed that will decrease the number of available repair trucks. Player can deploy more then one repair truck in mission if he has more then one available in support options.

Buy/sell buttons and prices for support options screen. Buy/sell price modifier...

Mech Hangar building changed. New buildings: HangarDoor (door for mech hangar), LargeHangar and Hangar Gate.
Large hangar gate finished.
Large Hangar completed.

Salvage and pilot promotion screens will show after last campaign  mission. salvage screen slide animations removed.

New tunnel set buildings: Tunnel2, Tunnel2_4way, Tunnel2_3way, Tunnel2_corner, Tunnel2_door, Tunnel2_short.

New weapon: EMP Pulsar - new art, new model. Should do very little damage. Its primary function is to shut down enemy unit. Should have very long recharge time (15 min).

In mission salvage by salvage craft is not possible if mech head is destroyed.

Mech hit by EMP is shutdown and disabled. Pilot on home team is ejected and other pilots are removed. Vehicle is disabled.

EMP hit changed for vehicles - vehicle is set to shutdown status and freezed.
New Jammer component completed. It will shutdown all enemy mechs and vehicles in range. If not in jammer range those units will power-up.
Component purchase and mechlab changed to enable jammer.

Jammer model and icon finished.
Mechlab and Component purchase screen entry added for set component jammer.

Fixed error for not shoving correct name for active probe in mission.

Mission salvage screen fix - slavage not updated because of changes for showing salvage after the last mission.
Mech names reading from mc2res.dll in salvage screen changed to read names from object.

Jammer is now shown in infownd (hard coded type by the orig programmers).

gameTacmap changed - the way blips and circles are drawing and added new black circle for Jammer if the unit has a jammer.

New art for all MC1 pilots and mw4 pilots, improved buttons art by Tiberius44

New (forgotten) SET1 Lt AC Turret.

New EMP turret.

Unfortunately I have very little time to work on it...
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Unfortunately I have very little time to work on it...

I believe us die hard players are patient enough to wait. A very ambitious list you have there. Keep it up.

I am also into freespace now, I played it like decades ago  :D


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This is a great news, Magic! Keep up with the great work!
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Any idea when 719 will be released?

Then when magic is finished with his work. He has an ambitious workload. Let him some time!
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Re: Still working on MCO
Cant wait to download it.

Re: Still working on MCO
It is absolutely great - as a modder myself i understand the sh*tload of work - this kind of game-modding contains.

I will enjoy "testing" the new stuff when it's released. (MCO is way better than MC2!)
It has become appalingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

Albert Einstein