Author Topic: BSP_Data: How the hell does it work?  (Read 714 times)

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BSP_Data: How the hell does it work?
I'm trying to render a .POF object in Unity3D.

I can already load the .POF info (from a VP file) into memory. I've read about the .POF format, the OBJ2 chunk, etc.

I'm stuck when I hit the BSP_Data. I read this documentation, but I still need help understanding it.

In a DEFPoints block, for example, theres this
Code: [Select]
+offset vertex_data // Each vertex n is a point followed by norm_counts[n] normals.

Which (if I understood correctly) says that I have to jump to the byte numbered +offset to start reading the vertex_data (after I read the other values, including offset itself.
But what type is vertex_data? I see "each vertex is a point". What is a point? A set of 3 integers x,y,z?
Then it's followed by norm_counts[n] normals, but I ask the same question: What format are these normals in? Are they 3 axis vectors?



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Re: BSP_Data: How the hell does it work?
Point and vector data is always a set of three floats, in xyz order.
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