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Re: Star Trek Discovery -- This is the good ****
Designed to be awkward and executed poorly aren't the same  :yes:


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Re: Star Trek Discovery -- This is the good ****
Honestly I can't even remember what scene it was, all I can remember from watching that episode was just that feeling of frustration and asking myself why I'm still watching. Point being that bad dialogue is bad dialogue. It doesn't have to be amazing, but when it gets to levels of Science, **** yeahhh it just takes me out of the thing and very roughly molests my suspension of disbelief.

I can get through bad tv, I still watch the Walking Dead for instance (and Lexx), but Discovery is just too annoying.


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Re: Star Trek Discovery -- This is the good ****
I still maintain that Discovery fails because it uses science fiction as a bag of clich├ęs to draw from rather than doing really interesting stuff. They have potentially great characters and do nothing really interesting with them, you have a human adopted by a Vulcan family yet we only get some rather trite family drama. They could have explored better the culture shock with the wider Vulcan society, but they didn't because for all the blabbing by internet ****wits about this being "SJW" the authors are either superficial, cowards of both because real Star Trek IS "SJW" and this ain't it. They couldn't make something like Balance of Terror or The Conscience of The King if someone paid their weight in uncut diamonds or kicked their arse to the Moon and back, there are a few glimpses here and there but other than that nothing.
The problem in the end it's not that is soft sci-fi, Doctor Who treats science like magic siince forever but they usually manage to do something interesting with it, it's that they just re-use sci-fi tropes without really doing anything interesting apart filling some dialogues with science lingo (and no, you don't get to lampshade it especially using a bit that wasn't especially technobabble-y).
In general there is little thought into anything that has to do with the bigger picture since the first season, the first seasonstarted promising but then threw it all away and he secondo season gave us basically Skynet.
Remember, the bad AI in the first Trek movie that was a child looking for answers? Here is just a bad AI, nothing more, nobody even thinks that perhaps giving it sentience might possibly be a good thing because Trek Sarah Connor is here telling us about not-skynet creating the terminators or something.

And now I'm just ranting. I trust you get my point.
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Re: Star Trek Discovery -- This is the good ****
I tend to agree with the sentiment in that video that the only reason it wasn't cancelled was because of the chilling effect that would have on Picard and Lower Decks, etc.
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Re: Star Trek Discovery -- This is the good ****
I just finished watching one of the new Star Trek Shorts, and they finally give Enterprise's 1st officer, until now known only as "Number One"... a name.  Both mentioned briefly during the discord, and listed on the text of a pad she's dictating to, her name is Una... which of course is the feminine form of One in Spanish.  :lol:
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