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I'll be glad to help out however I can, but give me some time to fire up MW4 Mercs/MW4 Vengence and hunt down the audio files properly then put the pilots in the game. Right now I have only added two pilots to test if everything checks out, those two are my original characters with portraits drawn by my friends and audio sourced from another game so they won't fit in the MCO interface at all. (In fact I had to voice one of those two OCs myself)


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Tracked down the audio for MW4 Mercs, I will be very busy the coming days but I'll see if I can squeeze in the time to add the new pilots.

I am kind of worried about the legal issues of porting stuff from other games into MCO. Using MW4 assets, which is from the same franchise, may be fine according to modding conventions, but my other OC uses voices I got from a totally different game (I voiced my mech-pilot alter-ego, so no problem with that).

Double-posing: Added MW4 Mercenaries mechwarriors except Spectre as I couldn't find enough sound bytes. MW4 Vengence mechwarriors are not added yet as I am struck by a bout of laziness. I also haven't tested the pilots. Should I put up the files anyway?


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Yes, I can test.

How you did mw4 pilots?
There are too few sounds for transfer to MCO?

Code: [Select]
STOP      : FAILED (0x80070057 - WINERR_The parameter is incorrect. ) - CreateSoundBuffer(0x3f1730: DSBCAPS_CTRL3D | DSBCAPS_CTRLFREQUENCY | DSBCAPS_CTRLPAN | DSBCAPS_CTRLVOLUME | DSBCAPS_LOCSOFTWARE , (PCM 2048-bit, 1 Channel, 11025Hz, 5644bps))

Processor Registers EAX=0x00000000 EBX=0x00000000 ECX=0x00000000 EDX=0x00000000 Flags=0x00000000
=================== ESI=0x00000000 EDI=0x00000000 EBP=0x0018E3A8 ESP=0x0018DE58   EIP=0x00000000
EIP (0x00000000) ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
ESP (0x0018DE58) 0018DE98 80070057 003F1730 0BC216F8 00000014 FFFFFFFE 779300F8 7792FDAF
                 00000001 0018E3B8 00000200 00000103 2AAA4DE0 00000100 000000F7 2A65BEE0
                 00010000 000002FA 20649008 A45CCFEC 00000000 049C2050 00000002 00545522

I got this error when I start a mission with the new pilots. Something to do with the sound format, perhaps?

Fortunately, there are enough quotes per pilot in MW4 Mercs that I could fit into MCO after some creative fiddling. In theory I can try cutting Spectre's lines in the missions to make a full voice set, but that is too much for me at the moment.

EDIT: Wait, it's the same null sound error. But I think I used a non-null silent file for a0030 (no ammo) this time. Since pilots in MW4 don't inform you when they run out of ammo so I used a silent sound file which worked earlier. Alternatively I could use the Betty AI's ammunition depleted announcement instead but that would be the same for all MW4 pilots.

EDIT#2: Here is my progress up to today, just the files I have changed/added. I don't know why the same silent (not null) sound file I used for my OCs would not work for the MW4 Mercs pilots. Also, I think I messed up trying to get the game to differentiate between pilots with the same name (there is a Claymore, Goblin, Gator, Scooter and some other pilots in MW4M that is the same as what is already in MCO)
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Then try without them...

Please send me unpacked sound files for some of MW4 pilots.
Here we go. The "New folder" inside each named folder contains the files I added to the .pak.


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Re: Adding a Mechwarrior
Just had some free time to look at your work...

Your pilot sound files are 11025Hz, 4 bit, mono (45 kbps).
MCO sound crushes on every pilot sound...
All pilot sound files should be 8 bit, mono (suggested 12000Hz, 8bit, mono (96 kbps)). All must be re-sampled and amplified.
Also your 0030 file is 352 kbps.

I changed Aisa and Angel sounds and everything works fine..

Re: Adding a Mechwarrior
Thanks for the tip, working on it now.

If it works, pack everything. I want to add your pilot(s) to MCO, with your permission?

Two year later, I did it. (kind of. Some MW4Mercs pilots have the same name as those already in MCO, this causes problems as they refer to the wrong movie file when they say something.)

You may notice two blanks in the pilots_high file. I removed my two OC pilots that I added to test the system, so that this will be a pure MW4Mercs pilot addon. If you feel it needs to be filled, maybe I can add Spectre and Castle once I find and cut and pack their voice files.

Link here (30days only, grabwhenstillhot):

EDIT: I only noticed after making this that it has already been implemented by Magic for the coming release. I am very sorry for the disappearance. However, this version works for the MCO628 version currently available for download, just overwrite the directory and edit the relevant purchase files to get the pilots, I hope this may be useful for those who want to play with MW4 Mercs pilots now on MCO628.
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