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This is a model made with the "Head" and Engines of the "BSG Capship Dump".

So I have to give credits for these Parts to Boewolf. I hope he ikes the kitbashed monster I made with it.

Model has Debris, Pathes, etc. it works pretty well, but you have to write your own table entry. Sorry for not making BSG-style "Launchtubes", your fighters have to start from the hangarbays.

<a target='_blank' href=''>upload photo[/url]

Also a little vid to showcase:

Download at Sectorspace:

Original BSG Capship Dump by Boewolf:

(Edit: Please redownload the file with the "fixed textures"-appendix.  Thanks to Nightmare for the note on "duplicate textures".)

Colonol Dekker:
 :yes: :yes:

Awesome work.  Keep it going!!!

Edit-  you could include the .tbm?  :)

if needed,  I can write a TBM. But the problem would be:

I use the ship on a heavily modded "BTRL". (since BTRL had no Capship-Weapons, I had to create own Weapons for example, some own effects, sounds etc.)

What i can do: Look into the original Freespace-Ships.tbl and write down a most basic TBM.

Nice!  Great to see someone making BSG models and including ships from the old series.
A small note:  from your video title, it looks like you're using FSO 3.7.0, which is pretty old.  Newer builds (the latest stable is 3.8.0 but most modders use the 3.8.1 nightlies) catch more errors and are strongly encouraged for general use.

Maybe make Diaspora-compatible version of the table as well?


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