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FSA basic instruction
Would someone be able to give me some basic instruction on FSO. I dug out my old FS2 discs and the game runs even on my modern windows 10 system. I installed it on an HDD separate from my SSD/windows drive. I also downloaded and ran FSO and installed a lot of stuff. It never asked me to point to where FS2 is installed though. Is that normal? If I want to play FS2 with the FSO mods do I run it through the desktop shortcut for FS2 or is there an FSO file I need to be using instead? I am not 100% sure how the parts fit together here. Thanks!


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Re: FSA basic instruction
Download Knossos, Knossos will do everything. We really need to make the old FSO installer point to Knossos.


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Re: FSA basic instruction
The stuff on the wiki is almost entirely pre-Knossos, it should be updated because right now almost everything is only on the forum but I'm not an expert on that topic.


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Re: FSA basic instruction
The support FAQ and FSO release post still recommend wxLauncher and don't mention Knossos.
Would anyone be opposed to changing that?

Re: FSA basic instruction
**** NO. I just didn't knew what to write there as I'm not qualified on that topic. But I'd suggest to keep it available on a separate page, so that it isn't lost entirely.