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You know whose story has never been fully resolved in Next Gen... Commander Sela.  If this takes place post-Romulus-destruction, she could be out for blood... if she's still alive.
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Boy that sure is a lot of shooting and explosions.

The quantity of shooting and explosions are the gauge by which you measure the worth of the series, it's a central theme of Star Trek and always has been.

Said noone. Ever.


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Ok, I'll confess—I'm totally a glutton for the fan-service of bringing in as many of the old characters as possible. I was literally going "Aww!" for those final scenes. ;)
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Yeah, aside super huge explosions a decent amount of Fanservice is needed in NuST to win people for The Plot. ;)


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Picard is a ninja swordsman now, get'em Jean Luc!

I've seen the first ep now.

My thoughts (SPOILER ALERT):
I loved the opening shot with the camera closing in on the Enterprise D (which had some interesting design modifications) and going through the window into to the room.. the kind of shot you always wanted to see as a kid watching TNG but knew they couldn't really do effectively (well not without spending some heavy money lol, which is kind of ironic considering the 60s failed trek pilot sort of has a camera through bridge window shot)..

I enjoyed the whole episode but I feel like I can't quite give judgement yet. I need to know more about what's going on and need to see how things pan out story wise.

Also the zero mention of Lal and Lore seems a bit strange in a world where the daystrom institute desperately wanted to replicate Data. I mean what happened to their parts after they were disassembled? B4 was in a drawer so where's the Lal and Lore drawers haha?

First thought was.. did the writers forget them?.. but that seems unlikely consider they brought Hugh back which means they clearly remember Descent 1 & 2 which Lore was in. The whole Daughter 2.0 storyline suggests the Lal episode is something they know too. Plus Frakes directed that one and he's involved in Picard.
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