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Asset Release: Battlestar Head-Ani-Pack 1

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Just a frakking pack of frakking Head-Anis I made.

2 male Viper pilots, 2 female Viper pilots, 2 Cylon Centurion pilots.

Next Pack will include some "Command-Anis".



Very Cool :yes: :yes:

BTW, you can use lossless formats like PNG (or APNG) for that instead of the old ani format.

Those "death"-versions are so 1978  :yes:

Also, always had a thing for the '78 helmets. Just nice design.

@Nightmare: PNG-Pics in a Head-Ani?

Sometimes I feel like the "very old Buck Rogers in the 25th Century of Freespace-Modding" with all the newer stuff.  :lol:

Yep, just take a look here:
The files are named the same way as you need to have them for ANIbuilder (HudAnim_0000 and so on), tied into an EFF.

--- Code: ---$Type: PNG
$Frames: 5
$FPS: 1
--- End code ---

You can also use APNG format as seen below in the wiki article, but I haven't managed to get it working myself (though others did).


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