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Hi I'm planing to build a pc and I want a cheap choice for now and later to upgrade (maybe 1 or 2 years).

so I want to ask you for a budget (for now) but upgradable ryzen .(500 euro)

later I want to upgrade with ryzen 5 2600x or something newer untill then , and a rx 580 8gb.

I have ssd and hdd and case (250 samsung/500 toshiba/fractal design c).

I have a monitor for now(an old lg 1080p) but I must buy a new ,so if you have something in mind I'll appreciate.


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Check out this site. It's a regularly updated list of solid recommendations for a given budget.

Now, given that you already have a case and HDDs, the 500€ you want to spend only need to buy:
* a CPU
* a PSU
* a GPU
* a motherboard

Going off of logicalincrements, their 500€ recommendation build (With an RX580, a Ryzen R5 1600, stock cooler, an MSI B450 motherboard, 8 GB of RAM and a SeaSonic or Corsair PSU would run to about 470€ total when leaving out the parts you intend to reuse. That would give you a really solid rig.
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That "monstrous build" seems ludicrous :eek2:
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That "monstrous build" seems ludicrous :eek2:

Yeah, the price-performance peak is between "Great" and "Excellent."  Anything higher and you are throwing piles of cash for minimal gains.
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