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After playing Darius's Solaris and loving it, i decided to make a couple of ships for it,

The Daedalus class carrier

Large, versatile Commonwealth strike carrier. Often deployed as a command vessel in Commonwealth battlegroups. The Daedalus is designed to jump into a Area Of Conflict and unload is compliment of fighters and bombers into the battle. The Carrier is armed with 7 CIWS emplacements for defense against hostile wings and ordnance. As well as several layers of armor. Since its inception into His Majesty's navy the Daedalus has served the Crown with distinction, The HMS Agatha King and HMS Aribeth being a example of the Carrier's proud service record.

Newton Class Science Cruiser

The Newton is primarily a class of civilian research vessels. During times of peace, they serve as mobile laboratories for scientists in many disciplines. During wartime, however, Newton vessels are commandeered by the military, mostly for weapons research. Newton vessels have poor armor and only a few weak turrets for defense. Only desperate circumstances find a Newton anywhere near the front lines.

Donnager class transport

The Donnager class transport, commonly known as the 'Flying Brick' by Commonwealth pilots due to its design and that pilots claim it handles like a brick. Its unusual design allows it to serve a multi role function as troop transport, Planetary dropship and personal transport for high ranking military officials. When being used as a dropship the Donnager can be modified to transport ground vehicles as well as troops,
making this a versatile ship. It is armed with 1 Point Defence Cannon and therefore when in a engagement zone requires fighter escort.

Disclaimer: I didn't make the models, the Carrier is made by MSGDI and the Civ ships are made by CGpitbull I have just heavily kitbashed there models to make these ships, so please credit them for making of the models. Also the tables are set up for use in the Solaris mod, if you wish to use these for other mods, you will need to alter the tables accordingly. Please let me know of any issues and bugs.
Download link
EDIT: fixed pof for the Newton Science cruiser

That are truly pretty ships you brought up there! :)

In the Civships are a couple maps with a -spec ending, which are currently ignored though.

Solarisified Elysium and Faustus? Yeah, thats goood stuff :yes:

How did you know that I needed a breaching pod  :lol:

Are the other ships going to make it to Solaris too?


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