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-Phuur-Nan Expedition, Outskirts of Unknown System#1-

The only reason Shaked was released from detention was because of the science crew's testimony. Despite having just been threatened with a gun, the scientists were quick to vouch for Shaked the moment they saw the green wisp that flew out of the holed data drive. However, this was of little consolation for her, the third shift science team and Eliphelet's squadron as Raonaid ordered them all to be placed under quarantine until further notice. The entire computer system that hosted and processed the data was thrown into space for good measure and a new one fabricated to replace it. Presently the first shift science team is observing them from behind a glass window, trying to make sure that whatever it is, it has not infected them. Shaked knew that the quarantine section and the entire science module was directly hooked up to the ship's plasma vents, a precaution installed on all science vessels after the Beast War, and one push of a button was all it took to immolate them all. Nobody complained about the arrangement, though, as it was the only sensible thing to do.

Raonaid remembered the stash of Rum she stashed under her bed and killed the thought. The last thing this ship needed is a drunk captain. The only piece of good news she got in the last few days is that the new hyperdrives worked exactly as advertised, taking the fleet near-instantly to a comfortably safe region at the very edge of the system at a fraction of the power draw of the old hyperdrive. The specs have been tight-beamed back to the homeworld and hopefully the rest of the Hiigaran fleet would be outfitted with them by the end of the month. They would need them, she thought, if these things turn out to be a threat and not some freak natural phenomena.

With Shaked in quarantine, Ferdi had to substitute for her on top of doing his job. This actually lightened his mood, as he was far too busy to brood. The tight-beamed report he had, however, was far less rosy. Ferdi walked into the CinC and nodded to the captain.

"Captain, Hiigara confirms they have received the hyperdrive design and theory we received from the Mahasu. They are very excited about our successful field trial. That's all for the good news. Bad news, these green meanies are being reported all across the outer rim, at far off systems."