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My name's Peter, I'm an aviation, scif, and video-game enthusiast: I saw Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn and thought it was one of the best games ever, simply watching the long-play on YouTube.  It was incredible (and it's actually motivated me to buy a better computer that can run the game).

That said, I had some ideas of my own, which was Wing Commander themed, and I'm not sure if I should put it here, or on the WCS:DD sub-forum.

Colonol Dekker:

Ask here is fine bud.

Price of freedom is eternal vigilance remember 😜👍👍

Well if you already got some modding related project feel free to breathe some fresh air into the WCS board~ :)


--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on September 17, 2019, 05:27:38 am ---:welcomered:

Ask here is fine bud.

Price of freedom is eternal vigilance remember
--- End quote ---

The questions, from a FreeSpace 2 Game Engine concept basically have to do with...
[*]Is it possible to create two fuel-gauges?  After all...
[*]In most of the WC games: Fuel generally goes down only when you use afterburners and, once the fuel hits empty, you don't end up adrift in space; you merely cannot use the afterburners.
[*]I was thinking about the idea of having an "afterburner reserve" (which covers afterburners only), and a "main tank" (which covers the fuel used by the ship's engines, and systems).
[*]What's the fastest speed the game allows?
I was thinking about the WC Novels (particularly those written by William Forstchen, like End Run & Fleet Action), as well as the WC Bible (I'll attach it below), along with in-canon references (WC4) about the glowing intakes on the capital ships (and the Dragon/Lance),which provided an in-universe explanation why the ships maneuver like they're in air (rather than space), and don't take a few weeks to cross a solar system: Bussard Ramscoops.

The concept was first conceived by Robert W. Bussard (a physicist), and have appeared in science fiction (including Star Trek: The Next Generation): They use magnetic fields to sweep in stellar hydrogen, and the idea is that, in the WC Bible, they'd allow for a greatly extended range and endurance, but have a drawback in terms of drag-production, and this would account for atmospheric effect; With them turned off: You basically incorporate the auto-slide feature of WC3/WC4 with the engines off, combined with the ability to reach really high speeds with normal (i.e. non A/B) acceleration rates and power on. 

The ability to traverse huge areas faster would be pretty useful: Even if a ship with a cruise speed of 100 k/s with an acceleration rate of 5 k/s^2 would achieve 3000 k/s in 10 minutes.

Colonol Dekker:
There's already an afterburner guage isn't there? 


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