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That Generic Help Wanted Thread
Hi potential recruits!

Being like just about every other mod hosted at HLP, we're also a volunteer staffed mod.
This of course meaning there's always things to do in just about every direction.
Over the course of the 6 years our project has been around, I've often run into folks
who wanted to help, but would shy away since they thought they lacked skills.

While it's a great help to find someone who has an existing skill set, I believe
that those who are willing to learn, can be still be used if they don't have
a great amount of previous experience. Even someone who can simply edit a text file and
add numbers, can be a help to this project.

Some further information about what we're looking for:


- The Freespace2 Source Code Project
- C/C++

- 3D Art -

- Autodesk/3ds Max 7/8/9/2009
- Other compatible modeling suites.

- ZBrush
- 3dsmax 7/8/2009

- 2D Art -
- Photoshop 7/CS series
- GIMP/Other

The above isn't so much a rule, as we don't really care what you use to
make models, code, images, text editing, etc... as long as it works.
The programs are just noted so that you know what to expect that the other
team members would be using. Files being compatible with each other is of
great importance.

Talent needed:


- 3D Modeler:
Position requires the team member to construct updated replicas of ships, bases,
weapons, and other assets.

- Texture Artist:
Position requires the team member to UVMap and texture the 3d objects.

- 2D Artist:
Position requires the team member to create interface, effect, and other art per
engine specifications, in concert with the team's programmers.

- Concept Artist:
While not extremely needed at this stage of development, concept artists help
refine the look and world of Tachyon/FringeSpace so that modelers and other
artists can be better enabled to produce unique assets.


- C/C++ Features Programmer:
Position requires the team member to possess a beginner to intermediate
knowledge of C/C++. Team members must familiarize themselves with the
FS2_SCP codebase, identify areas relating to our specific feature customizations,
and maintain their updated codebase in conjunction with the SCP team guidelines,
so as to facilitate shared feature development with other mods o­n this engine.

- Network Programmer:
Position requires an intermediate to advanced knowledge level in network
programming, in order to update the SCP multiplayer codebase to support more
players/clients simultaneously. Will work with features programmers and the SCP
to implement network updates with the existing code.

- Scripting Programmer:
Position requires a beginner to intermediate knowledge of LUA scripting. Utilizing
LUA hooks in the current codebase, team member will identify and implement features
requiring scripting that are not executable within the current codebase, but possible
with scripting support.

- Mission Designer:
Team member will utilize the existing FRED2_SCP mission editor to create, maintain and
update unique missions and cooperative campaigns.

- Tabler:
Position requires beginner-level knowledge of tabular format text files, and a working
knowledge (can be acquired o­n-the-job) of the engines and flight models of both
Tachyon: The Fringe and Freespace2.

Team structure:

JGZinv - Current Project Lead, 2D Artist, Model Rigging, Utility
RazorsKiss - Inactive/Retired Project Lead, Webmaster
Backslash - Part Time Features Programmer
z64555 (Shadow Z) - 3D Artist, Texturer
Angelus - 3D Artist
Thaeris - Multi-Mod 3D Artist
Nutritious - Audio Effects, Music Composition
Grishnak - Features Programmer
Devil (Arioch) - Model Re-Texturing

Former Staff or Contributors:
Carl Gonzalez - 3D Artist, Texturer
Slap - Tabling
Sonic - Maps, Conceptual
Megaman - Maps
SparK - Programmer
Unknownpwn - Modeler
jakeslogan - Modeler
SolCommand - Model Donation



JGZinv - Project Lead
[email protected]
[email protected] - IM
[email protected] - IM
[email protected] - IM
jgzinv - Skype

IRC channel - // #fringespace
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