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Mouse and joystick control problems
Hello, I've reactivated my account due to GoG.  :D

I've been trying to set up controls properly using my Logitech G903 and 3dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless 6DoF controller in Joystick mode (via XML).
Windows 10 64-bit 1903 build 18352.356.
FSO 3.8.0 and 19.0.0-rc1.
Both devices use latest drivers at time of writing, 2019.9 and 10.6.4 respectively.

I found following problems:
1) Mouse and joystick share axes X and Y, invert and buttons. This makes it hard to use them both especially for different things.
2) Mouse wheel does not seem to work correctly (Button 8/9/10/11) - I've tried mapping various things to it and they don't trigger. These are not even remappable in Logitech software.
3) Forward/Back is not recognized, as it allegedly should be.
4) Mouse Button 4/5/6/7 seem to also be impossible to directly map, I had to use Logitech software to map them to keys to use them. Might be a driver issue though.
5) Sensitivity range in game is a bit low for the SpaceMouse, which is very sensitive.
6) There's no deadzone setting per axis, which would be very nice to have for the SpaceMouse, as translation X, Y and rotation Rx and Ry need it, while Z and Rz do not.
7) There's no way to map an axis to buttons directly.

Yes, I can somewhat modify the settings of the SpaceMouse further, including mapping an axis to HAT or keys in its software by editing the XML file, probably some deadzones too. It's pain in the rear.

Is there a way to alleviate at least some of the problems in game, especially the merged axes and buttons?
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