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Critical Subsystem HUD Gauge
Have you ever built a mission that's complicated, and asks the player to destroy a bunch of subsystems, but playtesters get hung up trying to find them?
Ever wished you could let them easily target the next subsystem? Wished they had a good list of what was left to do?

Well, now your frustration is over!
I've built a lua script that lets players easily target critical subsystems (as defined in FRED).

The idea for this came from reading the Blue Planet forum somewhere, but I don't think their script was ever released, so here I am releasing!

You can find the code on github here:

There's a detailed README and getting started guide there.

The player can press (by default) the "d" key to select the next critical subsystem.

From FRED, you call `lua-add-critical-subsystem` to add a subsystem the the gauge (which will make it display).

If a subsystem on the list is destroyed, and the player is targeting it, then the next target selected will be the next critical subsystem on the list (if there is one).

This script requires a relatively recent FSO build, it uses the `On Subsystem Destroyed` hook, which was added in May 2019 by Goober5000 (thankyou!).

Thanks to Axem for chatting to me about the features in this script, and the Blue Planet team for the idea.


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Re: Critical Subsystem HUD Gauge
Well, looks good to use it together with the Subsystem Hotkey script, i am using to mark mission critical subsystems without to use the actual hot key functionality.
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Re: Critical Subsystem HUD Gauge
Thank you! Anything to make targeting easier gets a thumbs up from me  :yes:

The readme doesn't mention keybinds, is there a way to change the default bind? I'm using a wasd control scheme currently.

Re: Critical Subsystem HUD Gauge
Darius: I've updated the README, but you can edit this line

Code: [Select]
self.Key = "D"

to any other key.

Re: Critical Subsystem HUD Gauge
Nice work you did there! :)


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Re: Critical Subsystem HUD Gauge
Yeah, this was gonna be a big feature in the Act 4 BP bomber gameplay.