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Casting For Post Apocalyptic Audio Drama [18+]
This is for a new post apocalyptic audio drama series called "The Zodiac Army". Auditions must be in .MP3 format. 18+ actors only. Auditions with no echo and as little to background noise as possible please. (Roles that have been cast will be removed every three days) These positions will be unpaid.
Contact me at [email protected]

Deadline is December 31 2019

Main Cast:
Role: Cancer
Gender: Any
Voice type: Soft and kind
“Don’t worry about them, they’ll be okay let’s get you patched up”
“We know sweetie. Don't pay them no mind. They're just bein mean.”

Role: Virgo
Gender: Any
Voice Type: Slightly higher pitch
“Oh hey Aries what's up?”
”I-I didn't say that.”

Role: Libra
Gender: Any
Voice Type: Calm and monotone
"All clear for at least a mile in any direction"
"Calm down. We were attacked and we needed to make sure it wasn't a hired hit."

Role: Sagittarius
Gender: Any
Voice type: Silly prankster kind of voice
“Don't feel bad Pice, me and Gem are just planning on getting up to some shenanigannery. I just caught him first better luck next time alright?”

Role: Aquarius
Gender: Any
Voice Type: Breathy as if lost in thought
“Virgo, Open the main door you and Leo get your asses out here to help bring the supplies in.”

Role: Pisces
Gender: Any
Voice Type: Higher like a young adult
“Cancer, can we go to the garden?
“(Sad) Oh okay, maybe next time then.”

Side Characters
Gender: Male
Voice Type: Gruff
"Why should I answer you?"
"I-I'm a h-hunter."

Role: Guard
Gender: Any
Voice Type: Scratchy
"One more thing, I need your names."
"Uh- one more time please."

Role: Black
Gender: Any
Voice Type: Deep
"I'll knock it down thirty with the two bottles."
"Well come back here there is somethin' I may need but it won't be easy to get"

Role: Donovan
Gender: Male
Voice Type: Deep and Gruff
"You injured one of my people!"
"You injured one of our hunters! I can't give you payment it might be all we have for a while now!"