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I finally got me-self a larger PC with LOTSA memory, so after I downloaded a HUGE Il2 Sturmovik mod, I turned to FSO. I got the KNOSSOS and everything remotely interesting was downloaded; on top of that it seems that everything works...except for one thing:

The CHEATS! Sure when I type out the codeword: it says 'cheats activated' but when I tried to use a cheat, (K to kill; shift I to make a targeted ship invincible; W and shift W to give us all full weapons loads etc) nothing seemed to work.
Has the been a change or does the cheat not work with the  Knossos device?


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You need to press ^ while pressing K etc like you have to while entering the code.


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Actually, it's the key with the ` and ~ that is probably at the top left of your keyboard.


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So 'apostrophe' and 'random squiggle' AND press the Kill, Invincible, Unlimited Ammo buttons?


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No. Just the key to the left of '1' at the top left of your keyboard. The tilde key.

Then combine that with a K, I, shift-I, whatever.

e: by 'no' I mean that 'apostrophe' and 'random squiggle' are not two different keys you need to press. Just one.


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The one in blue.
If you don't have Knossos, you need it.

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Yeah, you need that blue key combined with the cheat codes. Think of how would it work if you didn't have to use that additional button. For example, the K key is usually binded for targeting turrets and W is one of your shield controls. You would be killing a ship every time you target a turret :P.
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Actually, Nick figured out which button to use...


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The one in blue.

BUENO! I figured that was the one, but thanks for confirming. Lets see how they work out!