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where has this been all my life?


I have played fs1 and fs2 probably a zillion times through, best space sim I've ever played and I still love it.  I had no idea it was open sourced and I didn't know there was such a following still.  I thought it died a long time ago!  I actually toyed around with the idea of building a game myself that was kinda like freespace because I liked the game so much and wanted something like it, but I don't have the skills to do all that on my own.  Creating something might actually be possible with all the tools and stuff on here.  I'm gonna play with the existing stuff for a while, but I may want to start either contributing to one of the mods, or creating my own eventually.  it's probably best if I contributed first because I'd have so much to learn.  I'm a database administrator/developer for work, so I'm no stranger to tech and stuff, but I'm not an application developer either.  I know enough c# to be dangerous.  Anyway, excited to have found this and will be setting up fso and stuff soon.

Marvellous. I'll assume you've set up Knossos? Do me a favor and play Silent Threat: Reborn, with the MediaVPs turned on. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Welcome aboard, mate :)

I got knossos installed today, but haven't tried it quite yet, I've been helping the kids carve pumpkins.  I didn't know there was an expansion to fs1, so yes, I'll play the reborn campaign and let you know what I think, great place to start! :)


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