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So I have a few complains and a request there:
Infernos ModDB ( ) isn't part of the "External Sites/ModDB"-list.
Instead there's a large number to projects that will never see the light of day, which either could be put into a "Other Projects" or removed.

"Installing FSO" still promotes outdated install methods like wxLauncher and FSOInstaller.

What's the purpose of this "Quick Links"? They're just he same if you login normally just that they go over http instead of https.


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Just popping up to say that yes, Inferno should probably be mentioned there considering how popular on ModDB its profile is.  :yes:
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I've aded Inferno to the forum navbar.  I've asked jr2 to add it to the main page navbar.


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I don't have access to that particular bit yet, standby until someone fixes the access level and I'll change it.