Author Topic: -weapon_choice_3d flag changed?  (Read 179 times)

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-weapon_choice_3d flag changed?
Sorry for the new thread, I've searched everything I possibly could to try to figure this out. I've noticed that starting with the new RC1, the -weapon_choice_3d flag doesn't appear to work the same way as in earlier builds (tested with ones from late August, before the RC). The ship selection screen uses models as set by the flag, but the weapons selection screen only uses a model if there's absolutely no interface art available, regardless of whether I have the flag ticked. I actually like the models (if you change the Max Radius of the main subobject in PCS2, you can change the zoom and fit them much better, see below), and was wondering if this flag had been moved elsewhere.

Thanks for all the hard work SCP!  ;)

Modified Versions for anybody that likes the models also, but wants them big.
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Re: -weapon_choice_3d flag changed?
I noticed this too, 100% agree. 
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Re: -weapon_choice_3d flag changed?
This issue was just fixed last night and behavior should be back to normal with the next released nightly. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for reporting it!