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I'm new to Open Freespace but owned both original titles when they were new. I had trouble installing because neither Knossos nor FOI nor wxLauncher will run out of the box on Ubuntu 19.10. Also, the most recent official release would give errors upon startup after saving anything to the config files. I finally installed the latest nightly and created Lutris icons to launch FS1, FS2, and Wings of Dawn. It works fine now, and who needs a launcher anyway.

I notice that you can use the shift and alt buttons to modify the function of other buttons. This is a good idea but not necessarily required when playing with a keyboard. What would be very useful is using a gamepad button as a modifier. If I could use one button to modify all the other buttons for a targeting function, and a second button to modify all the other buttons for a misc function, then I could actually play without a keyboard in front of me.

Is there any way to do this? Has it been discussed before? How hard would it be to implement if it needs to be?

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I brought up the same topic up once; I'll see if I can find the thread.  My old Sidewinder Force Feedback joystick had a modifier button that would shift so every button could have another function, but the FF2 that I use now does not have that button.

Addendum:  Found it here, but I realize it was in reference to some third party software.
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