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Probably the one from BtA.
If I may self-promote something relevant here, try ModelExtractor to get the POF file and all its textures automatically.  In this case, the POF name is "Angel.pof".
[6:23 PM] PIe: why do I have the feeling that I shouldn't be able to give orders to 22nd armored hq
[6:24 PM] Axem: 22nd armored hq, i order you to get me a cup of coffee
[6:24 PM] PIe: and donuts
[6:25 PM] Axem: :O
[6:25 PM] Axem: am i under arrest
[6:26 PM] [`_`]/: no, just please step out of the myrmidon
[6:26 PM] [`_`]/: you have so much to fred for

[9:50 PM] Sottises: wait did you do vassago's verge?
[9:50 PM] Sottises: .. dirge?
[9:50 PM] Axem: yes
[9:50 PM] Sottises: ohh
[9:50 PM] Sottises: well I have that and JAD too
[9:50 PM] Axem: :)
[9:50 PM] Sottises: what a contrast of themes lmao
[9:50 PM] Axem: isnt it
[9:51 PM] Axem: super grimdark thriller about unknowable alien intelligence and over the top colorful action about friendship
[9:51 PM] PIe: jad is grimdark???
[9:51 PM] Axem: :skull:


[attachment eaten by a Shivan]


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Knossos gives me 404 for Lost.
Any links to download?..


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Dude was having a rolling meltdown for a couple months on here. Hope he’s okay.


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It was removed. I can restore it (I still have a backup) but I don't want to upset mod authors too much by doing so.
IIRC we had a discussion about this stuff before and the result was that once a mod is released, it's out there for the public. Unless there are good reasons (updated version available, accidental release of personal data, etc.) there shouldn't be an issue with restoring deleted mods.

Actually, it's not like the mod was entirely unavailable (see SG FSFiles), it's just inaccessible for Knossos users (which are most likely the vast majority of the community though).