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Hello from the Red Faction community!
Hello everyone! I'm Goober, one of the founders and administrators of Faction Files - the largest, and since 2009, effectively the only Red Faction community. I was speaking with Karajorma, and they recommended I post here as some HLP members may be Red Faction fans :)

Our Discord allows the community to collaborate and chat about anything related to the Red Faction series, and our website hosts custom maps, mods, tools, and patches. Additionally, we've recently launched - a (still in progress) one-stop source for common issues and quick reference for the entire Red Faction series.

Furthermore, Dash Faction 1.3.0 was recently released - Dash Faction is a third-party Red Faction patch made by one of our awesome community members (rafalh), and it adds modern features, enhances performance, and fixes compatibility issues, bugs, and security vulnerabilities. You can download it here: Dash Faction

Some of the main features of Dash Faction are listed below, full list is available in the changelog and readme files:
- Proper fixes for many bugs (like the exploding submarine bug - you won't need to lower your FPS!)
- Increased FPS limit (up to 240 FPS)
- Multiplayer level autodownloader
- Support for high resolution textures, anti-aliasing, ansiotropic filtering, etc.
- High resolution thermal scanner (Rail Driver)
- Proper support for widescreen resolutions, windowed mode, and "noborder" windowed mode
- Improved multiplayer scoreboard (with kills/deaths column)
- Multiplayer cheat prevention
- Support for German and French Red Faction versions
- Huge amount of performance enhancements, and fixes for bugs/security vulnerabilities

In any event, I just wanted to reach out as a member of one community for an old Volition game to another :P


Hi! I'm Goober from the Red Faction community.
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Re: Hello from the Red Faction community!
I may have visited once or twice back in the day.   :yes:

Was the source code ever released for Red Faction?  Also I'm unashamedly of the opinion that RF2 had a better story than 1   ;)



Re: Hello from the Red Faction community!
Hello and welcome to you, FF!Goober. Thanks for the post, it is indeed of interest to some of us :)


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Re: Hello from the Red Faction community!


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Re: Hello from the Red Faction community!
I was waiting for that to happen from the moment I heard they had an admin called Goober. :D
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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Re: Hello from the Red Faction community!
Was his original nickname supposed to be Sesquipedalian, too? :D
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