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I downloaded the Wing Commander Saga campaign from the original site; However I noticed that Knossos has a copy of it's own, which presumably I can use the freespace cheats on. The only problem is, I cannot successfully start the Knossos Saga mod but I can start the 'stand alone' Saga. DO I have to eliminate the original saga to get the Knossos version to work?
Or something like that?

The Knossos version is actually supposed to be the more recent (and fixed) one of the both. They shouldn't be causing any issues. Would be helpful to know what actually doesn't work.


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The Knossos version simply doesn't start up.

Hang on, let me look at it again!
After a few tries I checked to see if the version's file integrity; I got the following message that the following packages are invalid:
Package hermes_core of mod Wng Commander Saga
Package hermes_effects of mod Wing Commander Saga
Package hermes_interface of mod Wing Commander Saga
Package hermes_maps of mod WCS
Package hermes_models of mod WCS
Package hermes_movies of mod WCS
Package hermes_sounds of mod WCS
Package hermes_cbanis of mod WCS

These mods are invalid and need to be redownloaded before they can be played without error

And then it asks me if I want to do that now--which I always do, but I still can't get the game started.
Let me try ONE more time.

Then THIS ERROR message appears:

A critical error occurred! Knossos might not work correctly until you restart it
The error has been reported and will hopefully be fixed soon.

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so what does it all mean? Do I need to ditch the old one to get the new one work? Is Knossos terminally screwed?

If the Knossos version doesn't work on your end, just go with the old one.


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I'd love to, but I'm positive that the 'cheats' don't work with 'old' Saga. Oh well, it IS fun anyway.

One of the WCS devs said "lab, cheats etc are all still available in the debug build". Dunno how stable WCS works on them...