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Is there available in a central location (e.g., the “Available Mods” page on the Knossos website) or otherwise a selection / collection of one-off missions (unrelated to any campaign and unrelated to each other) such as the one in this video:

I’m thinking (generically) along the lines of:

  1.  A bunch of capital ships vs. each other (with some fighters mixed in, etc.)
  2.  A huge numbers of fighters vs. each other
  3.  A ton of bombers vs. a bunch of capital ships

Again, this question relates to one-off missions, not campaigns.

There are about a dozen separate missions available in the FS2 GOTY mission pack (modern MediaVPs use this mod by default), and about thirty in FSPort (or was it in Silent Threat: Reborn mod? Can't remember). They should be accessible from the Tech Room when you launch their respective mods.

As for other mods, I don't think there are ones created with single missions in mind available on Knossos. But I'm pretty sure Blue Planet had a bunch, some of them were remixes of the campaign missions and others were a sort of separate scenarios, for the funsies.

You might also want to take a look at Just Another Day: Extreme Arcade, it ought to have some of the feeling you're going for.

Although I recall that none of these are the massive battles you mentioned. Well, there's one in BP.
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